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The Back Nine brings you the top indoor golf experience so you can master your game.  Like David Forgan says, “Golf is a science, the study of a lifetime, in which you can exhaust yourself but never your subject”.  But what is it like at The Back Nine Golf?  And why do people say they’ve improved after being members?

You’ve heard it before: “Golf simulators lack accuracy”, and we’ve tried enough of them to agree– you’ll find poor golf simulators out there.  Like golf clubs or golf courses, not all simulators are created equal.  So what sets our simulators apart?  Let’s just say our company was founded by golf lovers, and we believe your game deserves quality.  That’s why we only use the best, most accurate simulators in the golf industry.

We do things differently at The Back Nine Golf– we’re about being (and beating) your best.  We were visiting one of our facilities in Cedar City, Utah recently and spoke with the girls’ high school golf coach.  The year 2022 was a snowy one in Cedar City, and the girls were only able to get onto the course 1-2 times before their regional competition.  So they spent most of their time at The Back Nine Golf, practicing and working hard to get ready.  When it came time to go up against the kids in the region, it was the real test to see if their work at the indoor golf course had paid off.  In the end, they rocked it at 2nd place, even beating the kids in St. George who had had access to the outdoor course all season.  The golf coach told us that he credits their win to practicing at The Back Nine!

That was amazing to hear of this team’s well-deserved success.  It’s stories like this that give us all the motivation to provide you with something you’ve always wanted– a place to practice and improve any time you need.  Of course, The Back Nine Golf has become more than just another golf simulator.  With locations opening every week, we have become a network of locations, all of which you can visit and improve your own game!



Practicing golf ideally should make us better players.  But sometimes we don’t entirely know what we could improve without useful, personalized feedback.  It’s not enough to simply play rounds on the golf course.  We hear from clients repeatedly that focused practice sessions (from driving ranges to putting greens), accurate analytics, and 24/7 access are some of the top reasons they love The Back Nine Golf.  But we’ve become even more than that.  We offer cross-play to members at other participating locations so you can practice in other cities when traveling.  Many locations allow guests and offer packages that include tournaments and instructors, as well as business parties.

We keep upping our game because, in the end, this is about helping you be the next Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth (yeah, we’re about dreaming big).  Our customers enjoy using our simple and easy-to-use booking calendar to book their tee time.  Entrance to the facility is easy with the online unlock system; if you prefer to golf at 2 a.m. that’s when your bay will be ready for you.

After that, you power up a Trackman simulator, bring out your driver, and hit the range.  Once you try a demo, you’ll be hooked.

I was really impressed with the variety of courses available at the Back Nine. There were so many options to choose from, including some of the most famous courses in the world. It was a great way to challenge myself and try something new. Plus, the staff was super friendly and helpful!
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Mark D
As someone who loves golf but hates the cold, rainy weather that often comes with it, the Back Nine Golf is a dream come true! The temperature-controlled environment and the realistic golf simulators make it feel like I'm actually on the course. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who loves golf!
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Ashley P
I recently hosted a corporate event at the Back Nine Indoor Golf Facility , and it was a huge success. The facility was able to accommodate our group of 20 people with ease, and everyone had a great time playing golf together. The staff was very professional and helpful, and I would definitely recommend this facility for any kind of group event.
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Kellie P
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Beyond the analytics offered in our golf simulators, we’re open 24/7 with your own access, rain or shine, and offer many of the most popular and coveted courses in the world.  Yes, that includes Pebble Beach, Old and New Course in St Andrews, Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Course, Franklin Hills Country Club, Sutton Bay and so much more.  Wondering if you can play those in a demo?  You certainly can!



When you read our reviews, you’ll often see “clean, upscale atmosphere”, “accurate simulators”, “kind staff”, and a “super easy booking system”.  We’re proud when people respond like this to our mission to be the best golf simulator experience in the game.  

Here at The Back Nine Golf, we offer memberships to get you 24/7 access to unlimited golf.  When people ask what our most popular membership is, we find Birdie fits most of our members’ needs.  As far as value, those with annual contracts get the best rate, but we welcome month-to-month just as readily (we warn you, though, you’ll probably end up upgrading later anyway once you’ve been in our bays).  You are the reason we’re building more locations across the country.  We love our community of members who dedicate their time, love for the game, and rock-solid courtesy to making our company what we’ve always envisioned it to be.

Why Indoor Golf Simulators are the Best Way to Improve Your Game


Booking a demo has never been easier.  Just search for a location near you and set a time that works for you.  You’ll get a reminder before showing up, and we’ll plan to meet you there to show you around.

Bring your clubs, let’s 10x your game today!

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"No matter how good you are, you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part."

– Tiger Woods

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Wanting to improve your game? Come to The Back Nine

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